Qual o pedal para o With or Without You ?

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    Alguém sabe que pedal usar em With or Without You do U2? Aquele que faz a guitarra ter um som contínuo e quase eterno. Parece até um teclado.

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    cara, eu acho que ali num é pedal não, ele deve estar usando um E-Bow, que é um aparelhinho que simula o som de um arco de violino passando pelas cordas - som este que pode ser gerado indefinidamente...

    veja este site aqui:


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    e-bow mesmo...

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    aqui ó, uma lista de bandas e musicas que usaram o e-bow (o U2 ta lá):

    7% Solution: Blindshore, Lost, The Sky Suspended, Tomorrow Never Knows
    Adrian Belew: The Final Rhino
    The Alarm: Howling Wind, Where Were You Hiding When The Storm Broke
    Alice In Chains: Heaven Beside You
    Anthrax: Bare
    Archers Of Loaf : Smokers in Love, After the Last Laugh, White Trash Heroes
    Richard Barone: River To River
    Bauhaus: Lajartija Nick, Exquisite Corpse
    Belly: The Bees, Sweet Ride
    Beyond The Bars: Various
    Big Country: The Storm , In A Big Country, Lost Patrol, Porrohman, One In A Million, Charlotte, Eiledon
    The Black Crowes: Gone
    Blind Melon: Time, Wilt
    Blondie: Dreaming, Kidnapper, Cautious Lips, Youth Nabbed As Sniper, Fade Away And Radiate, Dog Star Girl
    Blue Oyster Cult: Don't Fear The Reaper
    Boiled In Lead: Shamrock Shore
    The Bongos: Numbers With Wings
    David Bowie: Heroes (Live at Freddy Mercury's Tribute in 1992 - Mick Ronson on guitar)
    Broadside Electric: Mose Salio de Misrayim, Silkie
    Built To Spill: Untrustable
    Belinda Carlisle: Love Walks In (ebow by Chrissy Shefts)
    Caifanes: Miedo, La Llorona
    Camouflage: Seize Your Day
    The Cars: Shake It Up, Since You're Gone
    Chameleons: Soul In Isolation, I'll Remember
    The Church: Shadow Cabinet, Myrrh, Constant In Opal, Tantalize
    Collective Soul: Maybe, Forgiveness, Disciplined Breakdown, Link, In Between, Giving
    Phil Collins: It Doesn't Matter To Me
    The Cranberries: Daffodil Lament
    Creeker (Dallas): Little Sweet Delirium
    The Cure: Disintegration Album
    The Dandy Warhols: Live
    Def Leppard: White Lightning, Stand Up, Fractured Love
    Delirious?: Cutting Edge, King Of Fools, Live & In The Can, Mezzamorphis
    Depeche Mode: Walking In My Shoes
    Dream Theater: Space-Dye Vest
    Pete Droge: Necktie Second
    Duran Duran: American Science
    Buddy Emmons (on steel guitar): Once Upon A Time In The West
    Enchant: The Thirst
    Faith No More: Strip Search
    The Feelies: Only Life
    Fields of the Nephilim: Last Exit For The Lost
    Flock of Seagulls: Hot Tonight, Transfer Affection, If I Had A Photograph Of You, Nightmares
    The Robert Fripp String Quintet: The Bridge Between
    Fred Frith: What A Dilemma
    Peter Gabriel: Red Rain (live), Bread and Wine (Passion-1989)
    Van Halen: Spanked
    Peter Hammill: Enter K, Patience, Out of Water. EBow by John Ellis currently with The Stranglers
    PJ Harvey: To Bring You My Love
    Heart: Crazy On You, Barracuda
    Scott Huckabay: If You Believe, Metaphors, Mist of Avalon, From the Moment of Life, Divine Union, Touching Solid Branches, The Journey, The Nature, A New Sunrise, Reflections, Psychedelic Dolphin, On Shimmering Ground, Between Tomorrow & Now
    Iona (Celtic rock band): Encircling, When I Survey
    James: She's A Star
    Elton John: The One, others
    Henry Kaiser: Wind Crystals, Daredevils, Aloha, If Looks Could Kill, Info Mechanics, With Friends Like These
    Phil Keaggy: Amazing Grace, Pilgrim's Flight, Town To Town, Rise Up O Men Of God, Let Everything Else Go, Reaching Out, I Love You Lord, When The Wild Winds Blow
    King's X: Ear Candy, Cigarettes (live)
    Paul Kurzweil: Song 86, The Tango Express
    k.d.lang: The Air That I Breathe (Drag)
    Love and Rockets: The Light, All In My Mind, Laralay, Love Me, An American Dream, Saudade, Haunted While The Minutes Drag, Seventh Dream Of Teenage Heaven
    Marillion: Season's End, Splintering Heart, Afraid of Sunlight, King, Gazpacho, Carnival of Souls, Estonia, This Strange Engine, 80 Day's, Brave
    Metallica: Unforgiven, Blackened
    Man on Fire: Various
    Michael Manring: Adhan (2 EBows on bass - EBow only), On A Day OF Many Angels, Cruel And Unusual, Bad Hair Day, Big Fungus, plus other cuts on Thonk
    Missing Persons: Noticeable One, Waiting For A Million Years, Racing Against Time (solo)
    Modern English: I Melt With You, Life In The Gladhouse
    Mofungo: Union Of Scabs, Hosting A War
    Robert Muller: Ten, Big Star, Secrets, Pale Yellow (mp3 samples on Robert's website)
    Nazareth: Love Hurts
    Bill Nelson: The October Man, A Private View, Blue As A Jewel
    Nirvana: The Man Who Sold The World
    Oasis: What's The Story (Morning Glory), Wonderwall
    Pearl Jam: Wishlist , Release, Not For You, No Way
    Pink Floyd: Take It Back, Keep Talking
    The Psychedelic Furs: Dumb Waiters, Like A Stranger, Highwire Days, Alices House, Only You And I
    Queen: : Good Company (Night At The Opera album played by Brian May)
    R.E.M.: E-Bow The Letter, Leave
    Radio Head: : My Iron Lung
    Red Hot Chili Peppers: Falling Into Grace, One Big Mob
    Gino Robair: Electromagnetism (EBow on snare drum)
    Scuba: The Old Man and the Boy, Ego Trip, Family Tree
    Elliott Sharp: Various
    Duncan Sheik: Barely Breathing
    Six By Seven: Spy Song
    Smashing Pumpkins: Sinfony , Where Boys, Soma, In the Arms of Sleep, Drown, Here is No Why, Daphne Descends, Believe, Hummer, Obscure, Rocket, To Forgive (live), Stand Inside Your Love (live)
    Soundgarden: Black Hole Sun, The Day I Tried To Live
    Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers: Climb That Hill
    Tones On Tail: Burning Skies, When You're Smiling, A Bigger Splash, Means Of Escape, Christian Says
    Trapezoid: Elegy: The Dry Leaves of Autumn (on hammered dulcimer)
    U2: Unforgettable Fire, With Or Without You (live)
    Steve Vai: All About Eve (Fire Garden)
    Violent Femmes: Breakin' Up
    Carl Weingarten Cambodian Waltz, The Acoustic Shadow, Tango in Tangiers
    Wierd Al Yankovic: Syndicated Inc, Callin' In Sick
    Yoke Shire: The Three Welcomes (all EBow), Maiden Voyage
    Frank Zappa: Filthy Habits
    Other Artists who use the EBow: Bela Fleck, Black Cat Bone, Black Oak, John Cage, Eugene Chadbourne, Cheap Trick, Ry Cooder, Pablo Cruise, Curious Voltage, Jonathan Elias, The Eric Gales Band, Steve Hackett, Djam Karet, Kiss, The Lucy Show, Steve Lynch, The Missions, Les Paul, Donny Roberts, Zander Schloss, Talking Heads, Chris Proctor, Good Rats, REO Speedwagon, Tesla, Todd Rundgren, Twisted Sister, Ultra Violet, Webb Wilder.

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