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    Tenho um rack GSP 21 PRO, só que não sei mecher com ele direito... alguém pode traduzir esse texto aí embaixo, ou me dizer se essas especificações são de boa qualidade?

    The DigiTech GSP-21 PRO features 23 different effects and up to 10 of those effects can be played at the same time. Using the full-function foot controller provided with the GSP-21 PRO, it is possible to switch effects, patches and parameters while you play, without taking your hands off your instrument.

    The GSP-21 PRO provides ten digitally-controlled analog effects:

    Rock Tube Distortion
    Metal Tube Distortion
    Overdrive Distortion
    Heavy Sustain Distortion
    7-Band Graphic Equalizer
    Enhancer Noise Gate
    Programmable Effects Loop
    Speaker Simulation

    There are also fourteen digital effects and functions:

    Stereo Chorus
    Stereo Flanger
    Stereo Delay
    Ping-Pong Delay
    Slapback Delay
    Multi-Tap Delay
    Large / Small Room Reverb
    Hall Reverb
    Gated Reverb
    Reverse Reverb
    Ultimate Reverb
    Comb Filater
    Digital Sub-Mixer and Final Mixer
    Stereo Imaging

    DigiTech's own HISC 20-bit VLSI engine produces non-stop dynamic sound effects with maximum frequency response.

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