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    Acabei de achar não sei muito ainda porém...

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    Creating sound effects for a Angry Birds Go! -game with an electric guitar.
    WIN A PRIVATE SKYPE GUITAR LESSON w/ Mika Tyyskä ( aka Mr. Fastfinger)
    Plus a copy of Mr. Fastfinger -Stringweaver -EP

    Only one of these effects ended up being used in the game (or actually in the game soundtrack). WRITE THE TITLE of the effect you think made it, type it TO THE COMMENTS OF THE YOUTUBE PAGE OF THIS VIDEO. Guess the answer or do your best inspecting the Angry Birds Go! - Soundtrack by Pepe Deluxe.
    Note: only one guess per person! If you do several answers, I don't know what to do!

    The right answer and winners will be announced during the very first days of 2014.
    First 3 of the first corrected answers will win the Skype Guitar Lesson + Digital Stringweaver -EP package. Rest of the correct answers due to date 1.1.2014 will get download copy of Stringweaver -EP.
    The 30 minutes long Skype guitar lessons will be held during january - february. Will figure out the best dates together with each winner individually once the winners have been found.

    Now use the force my friend!

    Thank you to James Spectrum of Pepe Deluxe and Marko Nyberg of Husky Resque. And the piggies, ponies and birds at Rovio. Also Mattias IA Eklundh, Christophe Godin and Niko Tsonev who played on The Ninjas -track that you hear in the beginning of the video.

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