Sing your song - Jam remix

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    Samuel Fernandes
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    Sing your song - Jam remix - 110 Bpm
    AndyMc - United Kingdom - Vocal and Keyboard
    NotMe - United States - Vocal
    Trashcanhead - United States - Drums
    bardo - United States - Vocal
    zenuck - Brazil - Viola and Vocal
    TBFX - Ninbot - Guitar and Vocal


    AA VFX
    AndyMc Producer
    Friday night - Online event
    Information - site:

    Please Share - Jam remix
    Please subscrive in channel

    Thanks for the Jam
    Thanks for the pictures

    Play: Jamtaba 2
    Edit, mix and
    mastering: Reaper
    Vídeo: Vegas Pro 14
    Jam remix

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