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    Beto Munhoz
    # ago/04

    Aí pessoal. Tô precisando da letra da música Gitá, do Raul Seixas, mas naquela versão em inglês. Alguem poderia postar aqui ?


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    Since the beginning of time
    Man has searched for the great answer
    It was given
    Today I give it once more

    Sometimes you ask me a question
    You ask why I talk so little
    I hardly ever speak of love
    Don't side you and smiling so brittle

    You think of me all the time
    You eat me, spew me and leave me
    Come forth, see through your ears
    'Cause today I'll challenge your sight

    I am the star of the starlights
    I am the child of the moon
    Yes, I am your hatred of love
    I am too late and too soon

    Yes, I am the fear of failure
    I am the power of will
    I am the bluff of the gambler
    I am, I move, I'm still

    I am your sacrifice
    The placard that spells forbidden
    Blood in the eyes of the vampire
    I am the curse unbidden

    Yes , I am the black and the indian
    I am the WASP and the jew I am the Bible and the I-Ching
    The red, the white and the blue

    Why do you ask me a question
    Asking is not going to show
    That I am all things in existence
    I am, I was, I go

    You have me with you forever
    Not knowing if it's bad or good
    But know that I am in yourself
    Why don't you just meet me in the woods

    For I am the eaves of the roof
    I am the fish and the fisher
    "A" is the first of my name
    Yes, I am the hope of the wisher

    Yes, I am the housewive and the whore
    Hunting the markets asleep
    I am the devil at your door
    I'm shallow, wide and deep

    Yes, I am the law of Thelema
    I am the fang of the shark
    I am the eyes of the blindman
    I am the light and the dark

    Oh, yes, I am bitter in your tongue
    Mother, father and the riddle
    I am the son yet to come
    Yes, I'm the beginning, the end and the middle
    Yes, I'm the beginning, the end and the middle
    Oh yes, I'm the beginning, I'm the end and the midle!!!

    The End

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