To catch a thief, who stoled the soul I prayed to keep

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    insomniac, bad dream got me losing sleep
    im dead tired, my mind playing tricks deceit
    a face in a glass, unable to admit defeat
    all that i am all that i was is history
    the past unreaveled adding insult to this injury
    fighting the battle for a soul of the century
    destiny is everything that i pretend to be
    look, what i did came back to me eventually
    the music played on and told me i was meant to be awake
    its unresolved like everything i had at stake
    illegal activity controls my black symphony
    orchestrated like it happened incidentally
    there i go from a man into a memory
    damn, i wonder if my family will remember me

    Atom Heart Mother
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    solidariedade, a gente vê por aqui.

    paulinho pc
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    acho que prefiro vodka com ki-suco...\o/

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