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    I recently returned to that forum.
    My name is Thiago Ramires, and i barely have writed anything down there.
    I'm a brazillian fan of Elliott Smith, and of course, everything that merges and go all along with this kind of acoustic music (or not)

    And nowadays, i'm really in the mood of Daniel Johnston... no, i'm not shaking, or any kind of stuff, no that it does matter BUT, i love to record my own songs every now and them, and have an carreer in the music about to start... i'm already making gigs every now and them, here in São Paulo.

    But, so on... i recorded this lovely song of Daniel Johnston "Silly Love", and made my vision of this, fusing the song itself with a little bit of Beatles and Elliott Smith harmonies.

    Hope you guys like it, if you like Daniel Johnston at all (or not²)

    Love. Love. And Love.
    For You All.

    Oh, and if you don't mind, enter in myspace page

    there are some of my own songs, and a version in Portuguese that i made for the song Long Way Home of Tom Waits.


    Tava com preguiça de traduzir, porque eu coloquei nuns forums gringos antes, vale mais pelo link pra ouvir o som ove.html ove.html ove.html ove.html ove.html

    Baixem, ouçam \o/

    vamo, que tá bonitinho.

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